Art. The biggest little word on Earth.

My name is Stephen Snow. I am a writer, artistic director and new media professional working across a variety of disciplines. As an artistic director I have produced, directed, managed, budgeted and successfully executed dozens of live shows, benefits and arts education programs. As a writer, filmmaker and media professional I have collaborated on dozens of projects. I build my first website in 2004, and since then have built quite a few more. I built this one! Have a look around and say hello if you'd like to be in touch!

Web Design

I provide WordPress website design, customization, optimization and implementation. No project is too small. I listen to your vision and design and scale from there. I can build you a small one-page brochure site, or full-blown eCommerce site.

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Film & Video Production

If experience counts, consider that I shot my first project – a documentary on the Cathedral of St. John the Divine – on 3/4-inch, broadcast videotape. That was last century. And as a Web manager with FTP and codec knowledge, I can essentially serve a one person production team.

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Non-linear Editing

Editing is storytelling. Sounds obvious? Maybe. But anyone who has ever tried to write a story or tell one with music knows that the Art comes in the making of choices, and in the magic of inspiration & nuance. The closest thing I can relate my experience of editing to is engaging in writing a novel or conducting a symphony.

Social Marketing

For many, the topic of Internet and social marketing makes the eyes glaze over. At best it’s a process little understood, yet something you know you should be doing. At worst, it’s an excuse for procrastinating one more day. It doesn’t have to be daunting. Say hello!

Theatre & Venue Management

Serving as an artistic director or theatre/venue manager to me is a uniquely rewarding experience. There is a particular alchemical magic in the collaboration of bringing live theatre and performance to fruition.

Copywriting & Editing

I earned my BA from the Writing Program at Columbia University, and as a writer myself I know that sometimes we need a fresh eye on our work. I have served as a writer or copyeditor for a variety of individual and organizations. And I would be happy to discuss your project.

Tutoring & Troubleshooting

I teach humans of all ages. From film editing software to the Microsoft Office suite, I have been tutoring since 2006 when I worked as a Lead Mac Specialist and Trainer for Apple Computer. I also troubleshoot software, hardware and network issues.


With nearly two decades of experience in video production, web & new media, and live Arts & Event production and management, I am available for all kinds of project-based work. Say hello for further information.

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Attention is the rarest and purest form of generosity. ~ Weil


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"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place."
~George Bernard Shaw